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carry over[英][ˈkæri ˈəuvə][美][ˈkæri ˈovɚ] 使持续下去; 推迟,延期; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. What's happening at yahoo and best buy won't likely carry over to healthy companies....

携带 双语对照 词典结果: carryover [英][ˌkærɪ'əʊvər][美][ˌkærɪ'oʊvər] n.转移; 携带; 滞销品; 结余; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. This carryover from vista is arguably one of...

carry-over effect 英 [ˈkæriˌəuvə iˈfekt] 美 [ˈkæriˌovɚ ɪˈfɛkt] 词典 [经] 延期生效,结帐效应 网络 滞留效应; 效应; 翘尾效应 双语例句 1 But the carry-over effect in ...


carry-over 英['kærɪ 'əʊvə(r)] 美['kærɪ 'oʊvər] n. 遗留,遗留物; 携带; 结转; 进位;

“制定关于结转织物饰面” 应该是这个意思吧

Carryover-Forfeited-in-Period 携带丧失期 Carryover-Forfeited-in-Period 携带丧失期

化学中讲的携带效应是什么意思A carryover effect is an effect that "carries over" from one experimental condition to another.Whenever subjects ...

carry over :进行 [英][ˈkæri ˈəuvə][美][ˈkæri ˈovɚ] 使持续下去; 推迟,延期; 例如:on't forget to carry over. 译:别忘了进过去

carry over英[ˈkæri ˈəuvə] 美[ˈkæri ˈovɚ] [词典]使持续下去; 推迟,延期; [例句]Priestley's rational outlook in science carried over to religion 普里斯特利在科学上的理性世界观延伸到了宗...

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