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I wrote this song 我写的这首歌 It's not too long 并不是很长 Cause I'm thinking about you 因为我在想你 I wrote this song我写的这首歌 Maybe I'm wrong 可能是件错事 to be called all about you 因为它令我想起你 I don't know what you ...

bruno mars的marry you吧

say hello If I find him if i just follow如果我找到他,只是跟随他Would he hold me and never let me go他会不会抓紧我再也不让我走Would he let me borrow his old winter coat他会不会让我借去他的陈旧的冬大衣I don't know我不知道I don't...

let's just say 这么说吧,

heartbeats心跳 I can't figure out 我不明白 Is it meant to be this way 这是否意味着只能如此 Easy words so hard to say 简单的话语却难以说出口 I can't live without 我不能生存 Knowing how you feel 如果无法触摸到你的感觉 Know if thi...

No new years's day to celebrate 不是新年庆贺 no chocolate covered candy hearts to give away 不是分发巧克力糖果 no first of spring 不是初春 no song to sing 不是唱歌 in fact here's just another ordinary day 这只是另一个日子再也平...

Stevie Wonder的I Just Call To Say I Love You

你说的也许是《我的天空》这首歌,我们学校大课间就放这首歌,高潮有一句now i wanna say hello ,hello ...唱的有点快,所以我刚开始还以为是英文歌,也许好多人刚开始听都认为是英文歌

有两首 一首叫《I SAY YEAH》另一首是《JUST SAY YEAH》都挺符合的 你听听看

http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&tn=baidump3lyric&ct=150994944&lf=2&rn=10&word=just+say+hello&lm=-1 来这看看吧

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