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句子读着别扭,似乎少了点东西哈: What are you doing?是疑问句,转换成直述形式就是:you are doing what主谓宾明确 What are you to do?其通常的表达应该是 What are you going to do? 否则原句转换一下就变成 You are to do what.理解成“你...

不对,可以说what are you doing 或what do you want to do, 主要看你想表达什么意思

what are you want to do 你想做什么 双语例句 1 You will also need to thoroughly define what you are using today and what you want to dowith UCM. 你也需要彻底地详细说明你目前在使用什么,以及你想使用UCM做什么。 2 When your boss se...

what are you (going)to do after school。 放学后你要去干嘛? be going to 将要做…… 表示将来时态 望采纳,

what are you gnip to do回答 I am going to buy some vegetables. 你要去做什么? 我要去买一些蔬菜。

有,prepare请改为 preparing, what are you preparing to do? 一个句子不能同时出现Be动词和其他动词原形。也可以改为 what do you prepare to do?

“What are you prepared to do? 你准备做什么? 中文谐音 窝特 阿 由 谱瑞派尔的 兔 度

what are you to do? 你要做什么? 双语例句 1. What are you to do? - I'm hoping to go to China. 你打算做些 什么 ? - 我希望去中国.


应该是: 你打算做什么?你近期计划做什么? 例如: what are you going to do? I am going to visit China.

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